Episode 65: Facebook Advertising for eCommerce – Keys to 8,000% Returns

Facebook has evolved tremendously over the last few years and is now a viable ad platform for many online merchants. What used to often be described as a channel that is “hard to track,” “fuzzy,” “used for customer engagement only,” is now consistently driving measurable sales when used properly. William Harris, founder of Elumnyt, a Growth & Marketing Agency, joins the show to share his insights. William was an early adopter of Facebook ads. Early in his career he caught the attention of Facebook because he was spending so much on Facebook ads. They then reached out to him to write a case study on the success of the campaigns. In this episode we cover the ins and outs of success with Facebook ads, including: 1. What’s the key to getting 8,000% returns – and is that level of success even possible for eCommerce stores? 2. Where should a merchant start with Facebook ads? 3. What ad formats and structure are often best for driving eCommerce sales? 4. What are the most common mistakes eCommerce merchants make with Facebook ads? 5. How can you sell bidets using Facebook ads (not sure how we ended up here, but we did)? plus more As always, let us know what you think of this episode and leave us a review on iTunes. Stay Classy! Brett Curry: [00:00:30] Hello. Welcome to another edition of the Llama Commerce Show. I am your host Brett Curry, lead strategist at Classy Llama. As always we exist to demystify eCommerce into actionable bytes. I am super excited about the show topic, today. As you all know I am a marketing guy at heart. I specialize in search marketing, that’s my passion, but I love any and all marketing that works, and drives customers and sales. Today, we’re talking

64: Fighting Fraud & Reducing Chargebacks with Monica Eaton-Cardone of Chargebacks911

Monica Eaton-Cardone of Chargebacks911 joins Brett Curry of Classy Llama in the newest episode of LCS, “Fighting Fraud & Reducing Chargebacks.” In this episode we demystify chargebacks and answer burning questions like: 1. How has the fraud landscape changed in recent years? 2. How do complex technologies like frictionless payments and automated decisioning create opportunities for fraud? 3. What are some practical ways that merchants can reduce actual fraud? 4. What are some practical ways merchants can reduce friendly fraud? 5. What are some of the obstacles around chargebacks that make them so difficult to fight? 6. When should you dispute a chargeback?

62: A Deep Dive into Magento 2

Magento 2.0 and now even 2.1 are released and available for merchants.  Rob Tull joins Brett Curry on the Llama Commerce Show to take a deep dive into M2.  Learn what’s new, who should consider upgrading, who should wait, and what’s on the horizon for M2.  Get the inside scoop on new improvements and things to consider before switching.

60: Mastering Multichannel Selling and Marketplaces w/Sellbrite

Mike Ugino from Sellbrite joins the Llama Commerce Show to give his expert advice on how merchants can sell more by utilizing multichannel & marketplace tools.   Brett C.: [00:01:00] Hello and welcome to another edition of the Llama Commerce Show. I am your host Brett Curry, lead strategist here at Classy Llama. Our podcast/video show exists to demystify eCommerce into actionable bites. Today we are talking about a topic that should be near and dear to every online merchant’s heart. This is one of those topics that can definitely move the needle, make a huge difference in your business. As we look at our agency, clients we build sites for or run SEO or Paid Search campaigns for, the majority are selling through marketplaces and are multichannel. Some are in the process of becoming multichannel and getting on marketplaces, but everybody’s thinking about it, everybody’s considering it. How do we maximize it? How do we make the most of marketplaces? We brought on an expert. This guy lives, eats, breathes, sleeps marketplaces. He has other hobbies too. I don’t want to mislead you on that. Really excited to have the co-founder of Sellbrite, Mr. Mike Ugino, on the show today. Mike, welcome to the show. How’s it going? Mike U.: Thank you Brett. That really is my only hobby, multichannel selling. Brett C.: Is that true? Mike U.: That is. Brett C.: No surfing? Mike U.: No, that’s all we do here. Thank you Llama Commerce viewers and listeners. I’m excited to be here with you guys today. Yeah, excited to talk with you a little bit about multichannel. Brett C.: Yeah, it’s going to be awesome. I will confess, I don’t have all that many hobbies either. I’ve got a big family. I’m taking care of kids and

59: Google Shopping for Local & Mobile with Michael Stricker

Internationally-known speaker and marketer, Michael Stricker, joins us for a special episode of The Llama Commerce Show. As the former Head of U.S. Marketing for SEMrush.com, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to search engine marketing and Google Shopping. Listeners may access a FREE 2-Week Trial SEMrush Business Plan, so they can see competitive PLA data for themselves. Users have until Friday, Mar 11 to activate it. No credit card required. http://bit.ly/GOOGLESHP Brett Curry: Well, hello and welcome to another edition of The Llama Commerce Show, where we exist to demystify eCommerce into actionable bites. Today we're talking about one of my absolutely favorite topics. We're looking at it from a unique angle, though, which is going to be a ton of fun. We're talking about Google Shopping for local and mobile, plus some other fun Google tidbits and some highlights. We're going to talk keywords, and we're going to get a little bit nerdy as well, which is going to be awesome. I'm so excited to have my guest with me here today. It's a man that many of you know and man of you respect and you're going to say, "Wow, how did this guy get on The Llama Commerce Show?"   I am pleased to welcome today Mister Michael Stricker. He is internationally known. He is a speaker. He built a content marketing machine for SEMrush. He has been featured and spoken at big events like BrightonSEO, Pubcon, ad:tech, [Clicksy Live 00:01:00], eTail, Hero Conference, SMX East. He's been on LinkedIn podcasts. The guy makes the rounds. Everyone in eCommerce knows him, everyone in search marketing knows him. What's so cool about Michael is he understands business and he understands data. He also, like myself, is a search marketing nerd. He